Capital Solutions represents individual business clients, not lenders. Our independence allows us to consider a variety of financing sources and tools to serve your best interests now and in the future.


We begin our process by reviewing your current situation, your company’s immediate needs and your longer term goals. From there, we develop and implement a custom tailored financing program that draws on reputable and stable financial entities specializing in the funding vehicles below.

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Using, rather than owning, equipment can be a key to generating cash flow. When used in the right situation, leasing can be a cash efficient and balance sheet friendly way to make use of an asset. That said, we have found equipment leasing to be one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented tools available to business owners and financial professionals.
Traditional Bank Debt
Banks’ credit appetites expand and contract based on their capital positions, lending policies, regulatory requirements and institutional objectives. We believe traditional banks are a cost-effective financing source for businesses that meet current lending thresholds. We look most often to banks as providers of working capital lines of credit.
Small Business Administration (SBA) Programs
In general, SBA programs are best suited to companies who own fixed assets and have a profitable operating history. However, lenders that offer SBA programs have slight nuances in their lending appetites and requirements. Capital Solutions has a proven track record in helping clients secure SBA loans. We like the SBA programs primarily for their low cost of funds. Certain SBA lenders offer terms that are cash flow friendly in other ways as well. Requirements for these loans have gotten tougher, but the SBA is still writing loans to companies who fit the criteria.
Vendor Financing Programs
Vendor financing programs can be great sales tools for companies that offer finished products to end customers. Most major equipment manufacturers offer a vendor financing program, but the credit requirements have become so stringent that customers who previously would have qualified for these programs are being rejected. Our vendor financing specialists perform their own credit risk analyses and are backed by private money. Therefore, they are willing to look at each potential transaction a little differently from the big players in this industry segment.
Asset-based Lending/Factoring/Lines of Credit
This transitional form of financing is designed to help companies recover from temporary business setbacks and adversity. It is also often employed by start-ups with solid customer contracts, attractive fixed assets and limited access to other forms of debt financing. Asset-based lenders provide businesses with a revolving line of credit using inventory, receivables, recurring revenue contracts and/or business equipment and machinery as collateral. Terms and conditions of asset-based programs vary widely, so it’s important to shop around. While this type of financing isn’t always the least expensive on a rate basis, it can be an attractive instrument for companies that need access to capital immediately.
Private Investments
We work with several hedge funds, mezzanine debt lenders, and other sources of private money to fund larger projects with high return profiles. We partner with select SEC-licensed investment bankers and broker-dealers for clients who choose to seek equity financing.