Capital Solutions has assisted many types of businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500, in diverse industries including manufacturing, technology, financial services, transportation, building and construction, health care and other professional services.


Most of our financing services clients generate between $5M and $100M in annual revenue and have, or are considering the acquisition of, a base of tangible assets. Our planning services clients are often earlier stage companies in expansion mode or are maturing companies trying to change their results. Our clients are located throughout the United States, with a heavy concentration in the Midwest region.


Read below to learn about some of the results we've helped clients achieve recently.

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Financing Program: $10M Steel Manufacturer
An industry wide slowdown in sales triggered this client’s bank to ask the company to find a new lender. After reviewing the client’s financial statements and understanding their goals, we consolidated all of the company’s debt into one long-term loan collateralized by their real estate. This solution reduced the company’s monthly debt payments by $20,000, generated additional working capital of nearly $200,000 and freed up $250,000 on their line of credit.
Financing Program: $25M Metal Fabricator
After three years of losses, this company was entering workout with its bank. Our analysis of their financials revealed that the financing term on their equipment did not match the equipment’s useful life. We restructured the equipment note and refinanced the real estate, thereby generating an additional $26,000 per month in cash flow.
Financing Program: $20M Document Management Company
We began working with this client when they were just starting out. They were positioned to secure several multi-million dollar contracts, but couldn't locate a lender to underwrite the equipment needed to fulfill the contracts. Capital Solutions developed an innovative financing proposal and convinced a privately-capitalized leasing company to take a risk on the idea. The financing helped our client close their first $6M sale.
Financing Program: $3M Water Truck Manufacturer
This client approached us to restructure their finances. However, since the company had recently gone through a bankruptcy and had experienced a decline in sales, we could not secure debt financing for them. In discussing ways to increase their sales, it became clear that some of their prospects were not buying the company’s trucks because they couldn’t get financing. We found an underwriter to support a vendor financing program that helped generate $200K in new sales during the first year of the program.
Planning Services: Start-up Sand Mining Company
We developed a financial model that allowed this start-up to analyze the impacts of potential changes in product pricing, cost of goods, and changes in demand. In additional to the financial model, we authored the business plan summary to highlight benefits and risks of the business to potential lenders and equity investors. This client secured financing and its first client early this year.
Planning Services: Consumer Products Manufacturer
This well-established manufacturing company was facing a potential crisis precipitated by changes in its financing arrangements. We analyzed the feasibility and desirability of several strategic decisions including a sale, bankruptcy, asset divestitures and new sales partnerships, to help the company script its next steps. We are currently assisting with implementation of a revenue growth plan.